Blackjack Mini Clumps

I want to talk about the common enemy of all blackjack players: mini plug!

In fact, the ability of a strategy is to play through and use this group is the key to its success. There is no other way to really hit blackjack shoe today that combating these groups. Take a closer look at the nature of the beast.

Massive long been recognized in blackjack. In other words, players have recognized for years that the shoe is not Blackjack is a totally random sequence of letters. Who this game has certainly noticed low cards strips strips of high cards, followed.

This seemingly anomalous distribution of cards creates many problems for the players to run the basic strategy. Why? Since the basic strategy does not consider this type of bumps on your game assumes that the cards are more equitable. This explains the distribution, even for a large number of decisions that the player makes the basic strategy.

But I have news for you: tickets are not distributed evenly! Never have been! Why do you think that card counting was invented? Card counters knew shoes tend to be distributed unevenly or tufts cards. We developed a research technique, unequal distribution and use this distribution when he was in favor of the players. In other words, when a high number of cards were!

Because it is known that the more a player of natural hands, the hands that do not meet the more chance they have to get to beat the dealer. The problem remains: How can we, in this situation, what kind of bouquet!

Well, I hear a little more for you: Cards do not kill not in a long line of high and low cards. Instead, they are divided into small blocks. That is, groups of small cards, somewhere in the range of 6 to 18 cards, giving a signature card transiently high and low for players. The double failure to recognize the basic strategy and card counting to mini-jack this is the reason for their failure.

Or, put another way: the normal distribution of the cards in blackjack shoes cards today unevenly distributed in this mini-plug. The mini-plugs are no exception. They are the rule in all games of blackjack. And his ability to play by these mini-plug, you can deal with the “reality of the blackjack tables.” According to Dr. Jacobs. Think about it. Until next time

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